Day 24: The family that paints together…..

…makes a huge mess. But of course I knew that was coming when I got the idea for this project. Tonight’s quality time is actually part of a art installation I have an idea for the family room. I do a llot of art projects with the kids, and I’m typically very directive, but tonight I decided to give them free reign.  The only rules were you we had to use the colors I picked and you had to paint a white square paper, otherwise you could do whatever you wanted.


Sophie, Cody, and I used a variety of brushes to create our art, but Lizzie just preferred to use her feet. We did indeed create a mess, but luckily we laid down a plastic drop cloth in the dining room ahead of time and put aprons on the kids. It also helped that bath time as directly after art time. It was a fun evening and I’m really proud of how into the kids got. Here are our master pieces drying:

art I can’t wait to show you my plans for them!

Your turn: How do you display your child’s artwork?

31 days to a closer family

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