Day 23: Cookie Monsters

Today while we were on our weekly Pizza buying trip to Papa Murphy’s I decided to pick-up a tub of their pre-made cookie dough. Cookie making is not necessarily new to our family, but tonight I decided to let the girls go at it of their own and get a little dirty. Sophie did an awesome job, but Lizzie wasn’t really interested in doing any actual work for her cookies. For some reason it never dawned on me that she would just eat the raw cookie dough, but that of course is what she immediately did. When I tried to get a picture of her she actually photo-blocked me with her hand.


Apparently at the ripe old age of 22 months, having your mom take pictures of you while eating is already lame.  Sigh….. We let them bake during bath time. Then enjoyed them cuddled up on the couch watching Strawberry Shortcake.


31 days to a closer family

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