Day 22: When life gives you lemons….

….you make a lemonade stand, duh! While I was working on the computer this afternoon Sophie sauntered into the office to ask if I had an empty cardboard box. My mom instincts immediately went on high alert as I asked her, “why?” She showed me this picture from an American girl catalog and told me she wanted to build one herself.

lemonade stand

I don’t know if I was more proud that she didn’t ask me to buy it for her or that she came up with her own DIY project! It just so happens that I have tons of cardboard boxes laying around, so we picked out the one that was the right size then I printed her out a picture of some lemons to color. I tried to let her creative juices flow by standing back as she colored. I did have to spell out Lemonade for her but otherwise this project was all hers. Once we put the stand all together we scrounged up a glass drink dispenser, some cups, and some play lemons.

lemonade stand

Lizzie was super impressed with the set-up when she woke up from her nap. She particularly like sitting on top of the stand. When Cody got home from work we were all set up for a family lemonade stand! It was so much fun seeing Sophie create something all on her own.  I even sneaked a peak at Lizzie pretending to pour herself some lemonade and drinking it. It’s one of the first times I’ve actually seen her “get” what pretend means.


31 days to a closer family

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