Day 21: Cuddle Time

Today was one of those days when I thought we might just skip family time. Sophie was up most of last night coughing, and while she seemed to be feeling better by this evening it meant we were all pretty tired by time I got home from work around 7:00. It was tempting to just put the kids to bed. Instead I threw them on our new sectional and decided it was time to just cuddle. We talked about what they did today (or rather Sophie regaled us with her and Lizzie’s stories). When we ran out of things to talk about we looked through an American Girl catalog together and talked about what all the dolls were doing, where they were from, and most importantly what Sophie wanted for Christmas. It was a nice quiet evening and I am really glad we didn’t skip it.


Your turn: Have you ever had a great time doing nothing at all with your kids?

31 days to a closer family

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