Day 20:Let them eat cake!

The stuffed animals that is. Sophie declared today to be Princess Wolfie Pie’s 2nd birthday. Honestly, she’s probably not far off. I think it was around this time of year that she conned my mom into buying her this silly wolf from Great Wolf Lodge that she has been attached to ever since. She spent most of the day making Wolfie fake food to eat and setting up parties for her. Well, after dinner she demanded that we go to the store to buy ingredients to make Wolfie a “real” cake for her birthday. When Cody informed her that we would not be doing that she look completely crestfallen. I really thought she was going to cry. Since it was family time anyways , he suggested we all make her a pretend cake, but Sophie insisted that Wolfie doesn’t like pretend cake which is somewhat picky for a stuffed animal who doesn’t actually eat at all. Cody saved the day again by scrounging up what cake ingredients he could find in the house: ice cream, sprinkles, icing, and candles. Wolfie's birthday

The kids helped put together an impromptu cake for Wolfie Pie complete with candles and Birthday songs. In the end everyone was happy. Sophie was ecstatic that Wolfie got a party, Lizzie was happy that she got ice cream, and mom and dad were happy to advert a melt down.  Oh, and if you look behind us in the picture you can sneak a peak of our new tile back splash!

31 days to a closer family


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