Day 13: Arts and Crafts

I used to do a ton of craft projects with the kids, but lately work and renovations have gotten in the way. For family time tonight we decided to try a project that Sophie and I had done last year: fingerprint fall trees. Lizzie had been a little monster earlier in the day but woke up from a 5 hour nap in good spirits……for about 5 minutes. I really thought she’d be excited about painting since it’s not something I’ve allowed her to do much, but she had no desire to even try until Cody let her sit in his lap.


Once she got into she actually did a pretty good job. Sophie pretty much attacked her paper with paint. Her tree last year actually came out much better, but I tried to give her less supervision and more artistic license this year.


It was nice to do something creative with the kids and see how much they have progressed in the last year with their imagination. Unfortunately for our quality time, the microwave started over heating while we were painting (it was cooking our spaghetti squash for dinner). Considering it is brand new, it was a pretty big distraction for Cody and I. I’m hoping to get in a couple of other fall crafts this season, and hopefully I can time it so Lizzie is in a better mood.


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