Day 1: Scheduling Family Time


31 days to a closer family

Deciding what to do……

Here we are. Day 1 of the 31 Days to a Closer family challenge. In order to set myself up for success for this challenge I decided we would need a plan. Those of you who know me are probably chuckling because you know I have a plan and a back-up plan pretty much for everything in my life. When I first ran this challenge by Cody we started brainstorming ideas for things we could all do together that would result in quality family time. We came up with a long list of things including family bike rides, hikes, pumpkin picking, and coloring nights. We had to keep reminding ourselves that the point of the challenge was not to do things with our kids but to spend time with them, so we intentionally tried to come up with things that were easy, free, and uncomplicated, so we could enjoy the time with our kids rather then spend all the time trying to set something up. If you have older children I would also suggest asking them for ideas (that way they’ll be more likely to participate). I thought I’d give my own advice a try, so I asked Sophie “if you could do anything with Mommy and Daddy what would you want to do?” Her response “buy things.” Sigh….. Well if your children are over 4 you may get more appropriate responses. We did try to include items on our list that we thought would interest them the most (like a gymnastics night, tea parties, and a princess dress-up night).

Making a schedule……

After we had complied a pretty decent list of things we thought would create quality family time together, I decided that we better create a schedule. Making a schedule to spend time together really grated on me. It’s kind of like when experts tell you to schedule sex with you partner. It just feels like something that shouldn’t have to be put on a calendar. But to be fair we haven’t been doing a very good job of making sure it (family time, not sex) was happening with out a schedule. Also, some of the activities require a little bit of pre-planning in order for them to be as stress free as possible, so I opened up my handy dandy Microsoft calendar and started inputting family time activities.

You can click on the image below to make it bigger.

31 days calander

I’m completely aware that our chances of actually sticking to this schedule are slim to none, especially considering that some of them are weather dependent. But you’ll remember that the goal of this challenge is not to do as the calendar says, but to spend time together, so if some of these get switched around or deleted completely that is perfectly alright. This is just a blueprint for the next month. I’m also curious to see which of these activities the family likes the best and which ones bring us closer. Let the challenge begin………

So tell me, what activities does your family like to do together? Which ones make you feel the closest?

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6 thoughts on “Day 1: Scheduling Family Time”

  1. That’s a tough question. I may need to borrow your idea and ask the kids. I think our problem over here is that we are all just so different. My younger son likes us to play board games with him but then my older son isn’t much of a board game person. Sometimes they like us to play video games with them (except mom, that’s me, is really, really bad). It’s been quite a while but they both like when we go outside and play kickball or baseball as a family in the backyard (although again mom is really, really bad at the games).

    1. I here you. Part of our problem I think will be that while the girls are into the same things, they are just not developmentally at the same level. It’s going to be hard to come up with things that are interesting to us parents and that allow both girl’s to participate.

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