Create an antique gold look with paint and stain

As usual we continue to jump from project to project. We now have 3 of the 4 decks done around the pool, but we had a rainy weekend so we decided to keep plugging away at the industrial half bath makeover. Here’s a reminder of how it started:

half bath beforeThis room actually didn’t come with a mirror. I picked this one up at Home Emporium for $29 with the intention of making it gold. Please excuse the messy garage ┬áin the following picture.

gold gild a mirror


If you remember from the mood board for this room we are going for a glamorous industrial look similar to our foyer which combines gold with rustic accents. This mirror is the little bit of refinement in the otherwise industrial space.

To get started creating the antique gold look I wanted for the mirror I used a spray primer on the frame followed by a coat of metallic gold spray paint.

paint frame goldI highly recommend starting with spray paint if you have a frame as intricate as mine. Painting it with a brush would’ve been a pain. The spray paint gave the frame a “too perfect” finish, so I took some left over gold paint from the nautical bathroom and just dry brushed it on in areas create a less than perfect finish.

I played around with a lot of different paints next to figure out which look I liked best. The moral of this story is: you can’t screw up. Just keep layering paint until you get it right.

What worked best for me was actually the easiest option. I brushed on dark walnut stain then almost immediately wiped it off with an old cloth. You can see in the last picture that the stain collected in the intricate wood work bringing out the details of the frame and giving more depth to the gold paint.

how to gold gild a mirror


I worked in small sections around the frame until I was done. You can always go back and wipe more stain away or add more as you see fit.

Here’s how the room is currently coming together! Please excuse the terrible pictures. This is literally the smallest room in the world and taking pictures of it without being in the mirror is almost impossible.

gol mirror against reclaimed wood


Oh ya did I mention we put reclaimed wood on the wall?

antique gold mirror bathroom

We love how the room is coming along. Especially how the fancy mirror holds it’s own against the rustic wall.

antique gold mirror


If you follow along on facebook or instagram then you know we also added a white penny tile floor and 7 inch baseboards. All that’s left is some shelves and art and it’s a wrap on this half bath!

P.S. The bathroom makeover is finally complete. Check it here!



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