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  1. Hi Stephanie –
    I’ve been wondering how your Weslock door knobs are holding up, especially the ones with the rectangular backplates. I’ve ordered some for our doors, but now am having second thoughts, wondering about their durability. Your thoughts would be so appreciated!

    1. Hey Deena! So far so good on the door knobs. The only problem we had with them is the installation which is a bit of pain. Particularly on our bathroom door where we had trouble with the lock sticking. In the end we had to put a piece of wood behind the plate to bump out the knob a little and since then we haven’t had any problems. For the price you really can’t beat these knobs!

  2. Hi, I really enjoyed your bedroom makeover and was thinking about doing something similar and wanted to know what it was that you had used on the wall under the wainscoting ?
    Thank you for sharing your project.

    1. Hi Don! We actually didn’t put anything on the wall before attaching the wainscoting. Our walls are textured but the difference really didn’t both us so we took the easy route. When we did the wainscoting in our foyer though we were dealing with two different textures on the wall, so we cover the walls in sheets of 1/4 in cabinet grade plywood first. You can see how we did the foyer here: Good luck with your project!

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