Concrete Countertops and more kitchen updates

It’s been almost 4 years since we gutted our kitchen, but it never really felt done to me. Honestly we were in such a rush to get the kitchen done so we could move in that it was never really thoughtfully decorated. Well now with most of the rest of the house done I’ve finally turned my attention back to the kitchen.

The biggest change we made were the countertops. The island was stripped down to the original wood and sealed with dutch oil to give it a more natural finish. You can see the originals here.

The rest of the kitchen got brand new concrete countertops that we made ourselves in the garage. The price was cheap but it was definitely a labor of love that took almost 2 months to finish.

The sink slab actually took 8 men to carry in. We also finally upgraded to a stainless steel farmhouse sink and commercial faucet. I cannot even describe how happy both of them make me.

I seriously love this sink! (Sorry for the crappy picture. It was snowing  outside!)

One of the easiest things I did was upgrade the backsplash with a new grout color.

My husband did such an amazing job  installing the herringbone title backsplash (see how he did it here) and unfortunately he picked the wrong grout color. Not only did the color he picked make the grout look dingy but it also hid the beautiful pattern he had designed. The solution was Polyblend Grout Renew in Charcoal.  With just a toothbrush and less than a bottle I was able to completely transform the backsplash. Here is a before and after….

We also stripped down the old shelves and stained them in walnut as well as finally got some decorative elements in the room.


We took out the old dining table and put in a couch that is perfect for wine sipping and chatting with the cook. The kids also like to do their homework here.

I still need a rug for the reading/wine nook as well as a runner for the kitchen.

The kitchen is finally starting to feel completed.

And while it has taken up a couple of years to get here, I’m pretty proud that everything was done completely by us. Here is a reminder of how far we’ve come:

kitchen makeover

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