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Reclaimed wood dining table reveal


As you all know by now, after 3 years of living in our house we finally decided to tackle the dining room. About a month ago I shared our new dining room chairs and now it is finally time to reveal our new table. A couple of points about our table before we jump into the nitty-gritty:

  1. We have a square room so we decided on a square table. Those aren’t easy to find so we decided to build our own.
  2. We wanted a reclaimed rustic look so we decided to use all reclaimed material. The only things we bought was a sheet of plywood and poplar 1x3s to frame the outside of the table.
  3. My hubby did all the work which means I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I should have. Therefore this is more of an outline than a full tutorial.

The Base

The base of the table is made out of mild steel that we got from a friends who had extras sitting around at work.  The whole thing is welded together. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail because if you know how to weld than this pretty easy and if you don’t know how to weld then this is probably not the project to start with.

The metal was covered in a red anti-corrosive finish that we had to grind off, but hey it was all free.

The Table Top

The table top is made of of a sheet of ply wood, pallet wood, and poplar 1x3s.  The design was inspired by this table we found on pinterest.

To start with my hubby nailed the cross pieces of the pattern into the plywood with a pneumatic nail gun.

Here’s a close-up of how the middle looks.

From there he just started cutting and filling in the pieces of each triangle.  He was working with 3 different types of wood so he played with alternating them as well within the pattern.

The down side to using reclaimed wood in different species is that the thickness was not cohesive as you can see below. We used a planer to get the top flatter then a lot of sanding to get it smooth and splinter free.

And here is what the top looked like post-sanding. None of the pallet wood was long enough to finish the edges of the 5 foot table so we bought poplar 1x3s to give the edges a seamless look.

reclaimed wood

We were afraid that polyurethane would cause the wood to yellow, so we finished it off with two coats of wax instead. The hand buffed finish is beautiful, but I’ll have to update you later on how it holds up.

square table

We are absolutely thrilled with how it all came together!

And check out this amazing chandelier we scored off Amazon. It really brought the whole room together.

I almost forgot that this room was once red with carpet in it. The dining room is not completely done. We still need more chairs and art as well as a custom built-in buffet that we’ve been dreaming of, but stage 1 is now finished. We finally have a completely functional dining space that we can entertain in.



Bright, white, and light laundry room makeover

So you may have noticed it’s been pretty quiet around here lately. That’s because we took the summer off from house projects. Gasp! Definitely a no-no for a home blogger, but we were feeling pretty worn out and we just wanted to sit back and enjoy the summer around the pool. Well you may remember that we’ve been slowly working on making over our laundry room. If you don’t remember that’s because it’s been  a year since I mentioned it.  Well the good news is it’s finally done! Let’s take a trip back through time to remember how it originally looked.

Laundry room before

This “room” is more of a pass through from the kitchen to the nautical half bath. It also has doors to the garage and backyard. The room was already pretty functional to begin with, so our goal was to use the space as a way to unify the gray design scheme of the kitchen to the off white and green in the half bath. What we wound up with is a light and bright space the had loads more character than the old room.

ship lap laundry

We installed ship lap on the back wall to give the room more depth then painted the walls Vermont Cream by Behr. You can find more on this project here.

laundry room shelves

The shelves are made out of reclaimed wood from our old play set (same wood we used for the outdoor buffet and bathroom frame). We picked up the brackets at Home Depot and I sourced most of the decor from the house. I love how open the shelves make the room feel and how much easier it is to reach the detergent (short girl problems.)

white rustic laundry room

I used green and yellow accents in the decor to tie into the nautical bathroom in the background.  And remember when I was debating industrial lights like 2 years ago?? Well the diamond pendant light was the winner. I love how the finish on the light is echoed on the shelf brackets.

cheap laundry room makeover

This is a happy room! It would be happier with a new washer and dryer but me and the laundry room are currently working on our patience.

And here’s a reminder of all the wonderful paint colors we’ve had to part ways with since we bought the house. So sorry Salmon. before and after laundry room

I plan to be back in the fall with some new projects (I’m looking at you dining room), but until then I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!

Cedar planked headboard wall in guest room

diy wood headboard

My best friend and her family came for a 2 week visit from North Dakota recently, so we decided it was finally time to make an actual guest room. We’ve actually had this tiny green room all along, but it’s mostly been used for storage/dog sleeping room.

guest room before

I decided to go with a neutral masculine color scheme seeing as we get all different types of guests.  The end product is sort of a modern camp style.

First off, I painted the room Gray Ghost just like our master, hallway, kitchen, and family room. Clearly we like the color.

Second, we paneled the wall with cedar siding. This was not only cost effective at $60 for the bundle, but also went up quickly and easily. Originally I had planned on staining the wood, but in the end we decided it was so beautiful and smelled so good that it wasn’t worth the extra effort.

cedar headboard

Next, we built a platform bed for the mattress. We knew we were moving our old king sized mattress into this pixie sized room so I wanted to keep the new bed as streamlined as possible.

diy platform bed

build a platform bed

We finished off the sides of the bed with cedar 1x8s.

Finally, we built floating tables to provide function, but keep the foot print of the bed small. We picked up the lights from Ikea about 6 years ago but had never got around to installing them anywhere.

floating bedside table

Last, but not least, we added all the bedding which was conveniently all found at Target.

wood wall bedroom

camp style bedding

wood paneled wall

masculine bedding

So the guest room is now officially nicer than our master bedroom! I’ll admit we’ve spent a couple of hours sipping wine and laying on the bed enjoying how warm and comfortable the room feels. We still need to add some more art work and makeover a dresser in the room, but for now our guests are pretty psyched to not be sleeping on an air mattress.

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Not Your Average Nautical Bathroom Reveal

The bathroom is finally done! It feels like we were working on this room for forever…..well because we were. But no more! Here it is. Drum roll please………..


nautical bathroom with green vanity If you remember back when I first shared the plans for this room here we decided to push our color comfort zone with this space and create something completely different than we normally would. We wanted a nautical feel to the room without the typically kitschy design elements. We absolutely love how fun this space turned out!


You may remember that I painted right over the old wallpaper then stenciled the walls in gold.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA gray bathroom tile We titled the floors in the same over-sized tile we used for the screened in porch. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You can read all about how we painted the original vanity here.

whale art for bathroom nautical bathroom in green and gold

And one last before and after:

bathroom makeover Sources:

Tile: Home Emporium (same we used on the porch)

Walls: Valspar Vermont Cream and Ralph Lauren Cloth of Gold

Wall Stencil: Perfect Catch from Cutting Edge Designs

Vanity: Miss Mustard Seed’s Boxwood with antique glaze

Toilet, faucet, pot, and vanity top: Home Depot

Light fixture: Industrial Cage 3 light from Shades of Light

Art: Blue Whales flying Kites by Danielle V. Green Illustrations

Rope hook: West Elm




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From crib to shabby chic big girl bed

We interrupt our scheduled half bath makeover to present to you Lizzie’s big girl bed! Lizzie is turning 3 this week so it only seemed time to finally upgrade her bedroom. When we moved into this house last year we just simply transferred everything from her first nursery to her current room.

owl decor I loved the colors of her nursery as well as the artwork, so I decided to throw in  a little bit of pink and try to pull off a shabby chic look. And here is her new bed all done!

jenny lind bed The bedding is all from Target’s Simply Shabby Chic line!

red shabby chic headboard I fell in love with Land of Nod’s Jenny Lind bed but the $700 price tag was out of reach for us. Luckily I found this white Jenny Lind headboard from Target which I scored for $130 shipped. I simply painted it with red spray paint.

3d butterflies The butterflies were from Lizzie’s original nursery but sort of got lost on the larger walls of her current bedroom. I decided to frame them in a grouping of frames above her bed to give them more prominence. The frames were a recycle from my in-laws so this little installation was free!

shabby chic bedroom The side table was originally from our master bedroom and was black. I have new plans for the master bedroom and the table was simply screaming shabby chic anyways, so Lizzie’s room seemed like the perfect place for it. I used left over paint to give it a two toned white and pink paint job, so this little project was also free.

girl's shabby chic bedroom Lizzie absolutely adores her new bed! I’m equally glad that we were able to update her bedroom without replacing everything! I still have some plans to update the curtains to something a little frillier and I’m searching for a small bookcase for her.

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Screened in porch makeover reveal Phase 1

The screened in porch makeover was suppose to take 3 months. Instead it took 7 months! The good news? It’s finally done! I haven’t shared much about the makeover on the blog because frankly the steps were pretty boring. I wasn’t sure you’d appreciate a whole post on painting. The only project I’ve shared to date is the floating buffet table we made out of reclaimed wood.  Let’s start with the before shot so we can all remember how this room looked when we bought the house:

Screened Porch before This porch was actually a HUGE selling feature of the house. While it needed some cosmetic work a porch like this would easily have been a $20,000 addition. And in a place like coastal Virginia having a way to be outside without getting eaten by mosquito is priceless.

Phase 1 of the makeover consisted of improving the structure itself. Here is what we did:

  1. Replaced warped posts
  2. Painted all railings and posts white and the ceiling blue.
  3. Added screens and a screened door
  4. Added rot resistant molding to the outside of the structure
  5. Replaced the fan
  6. Installed a drain in the floor
  7. Tiled the floor

Phase 2 will consist of the decorative aspect of the makeover including new furniture. So, for now please ignore the old dirty furniture. And here’s how it looks now:

screened in porch makeover

screened in porch buffet

outdoor room makeover

porch makeover

tablescape porch

porch makeover

Isn’t the transformation amazing?? I love how cheery and bright the space is now. It really does feel like an extension of our home.

porch makeover before and after And here is some exterior shots:

backyard before

exterior screened in porch

porch exterior

So, there it is! I can’t even begin to describe how pleased we are with this space! As for the rest of the backyard…..we have huge plans in the works. I mean like the most exciting plans we’ve ever made for this house. Hopefully I will be able to share them soon!

Bright and Cheery Family Room

I can’t believe I finally get say this, but the FAMILY ROOM IS DONE!! This is the first room in the new house that we are officially calling a wrap on. Our goal was to create a bright and cheery family room that the whole family would enjoy. I think we nailed it!

P.S. The wall color is Olympic Gray Ghost and all the trim is Olympic Ultra White.

family room makeover The rug is Oriental Weavers Sphinx Caspian Ivory/Blue Rug
from: Wayfair, the table was a DIY from reclaimed wood, I added the stripes to these Ikea curtains, the shades are from Home Depot, and the subway art was DIY.

striped curtain and reclaimed wood table We painted the doors Martha Stewart Seal (same as the foyer and bathroom vanities). The couch is Ikea Kivik in Dansbo dark gray. The artwork is from my mom’s travels, but the frames are from Target.

anchor pillow and wood moosed head We made over the fireplace, gave our DIY reclaimed moose head a prominent spot, the chair is Ikea Mellby in Eldris black/white, the pillow is from Joss & Main.

floral lamp shades and engineering prints The greek key console was an upcycle from the Habitat for Humanity Restore, the lamps and shades were from Target,  the engineering prints I ordered from Staples, but the frames were a DIY.

And let’s not forget the before picture:

family room makeover

So do you think we achieved a bright and cheery look? What is you favorite element in the room?

P.S. Almost from the second I said “this room is done” we decided to re-work the wall to the left of the fireplace. It’s never ending…..

The light at the end of the tunnel

Our upstairs hallway is seriously like a tunnel. A long, dark, narrow, yucky tunnel.  The hallway wasn’t anywhere near the top of my priority list right now, but much like our Master Bedroom makeover, I knew that I could make it look 100% better with absolutely no money spent. So, since I had 3 days off in row I decided to tackle this project.

It took me over a week to get this tiny space painted out. Why? Because of all the dark trim. If you haven’t had the pleasure of painting dark trim white yet then let me sum it up for you. It’s just like pregnancy.  It’s long, exhausting, and you can’t wait for it to be over, but the end result is totally worth the physical output.  Oh, and it will take you a couple of months to forget how grueling it was and decide to take on another trim project. So without further ado, on to my labor of love (pun intended)……

Here is what I started with. The previous owners had already painted some of the doors white so that saved me on primer, but their kids also left behind a collection of hand prints, drawings, and stains that I’d rather not ask about all over the yellowing white paint.

painting trim white

The first thing I did was tackle all the trim. When painting a room, if at all possible you always want to do the trim first. It’s much easier to be messy with the trim paint then cut in with the wall paint than the other way around.  Turning the dark wood into a lovely bright white took 2 coats of primer then two coats of Olympic Bright White semi-gloss. It took roughly two hours per coat, so that 8 hours at a minimum I spent painting the trim work.

how to paint a hallway

So after a week of working my butt off I stepped back and looked at what I had accomplished…..which didn’t look like much. Honestly, I had spent so much time starting at white paint that I think I forgot how dark the hallway was before I started. Plus I still had that pesky problem of dirty walls.  I grabbed what I had left of the Olympic Grey Ghost (same color we used in the family room, kitchen, and master bedroom) and went to town painting the walls. Luckily, this only took one coat.

painting hallways

Yay! Clean walls! I went with Grey Ghost for a couple of reasons.

  1. I had leftovers in the garage, so it was free.
  2. It’s a nice neutral greige so it blends nicely with the colors in the bedrooms.
  3. It’s the same color used in the master bedroom, kitchen ,and family room so it created a smooth transition from down stairs to upstairs.

The last thing we had to do was hang up a bunch of pictures that have been sitting in boxes since we moved.

hanging pictures in a hallway

Surprisingly it was the hanging of the pictures that made the most dramatic impact. All of sudden it actually looks like people live in this house. We’re also in the process of replacing all the upstairs door knobs to these oil rubbed bronze egg shaped knobs from Weslock (affiliate). I really love how oil rubbed bronze pops against a white door.

Ooil rubbed bronze egg door knob

Here’s a couple of before and afters:

grey and white hallway

before and after hallway

That’s one more space in our house that feels a little more like us! Since we already had all the paint on hand and the pictures came over from our last house this makeover was completely free! I’m not ready to spend any money on this space yet, but when we get around to it, we’ll replace the rest of the door knobs and the 2 light fixtures.  The carpet is in really bad shape, but we haven’t decided what we want there yet. Ascetically I would love to install the same laminate flooring we have down stairs, but I’m worried about the noise the dogs would make walking on it in the morning. Anyone have any thoughts of flooring for an upstairs hallway?

Sophie’s Pink, White, and Black Paris Room

This post has been a long time coming. We actually got most of the work done in the room before we moved in, oh 3 months ago; however, it wasn’t until this weekend that we finally got around to hanging up curtains and book shelves, hence the hold up on this post. Sophie’s new room is pretty much just like her old room with the exception of one noticeable difference: the walls are pink! Eeeekk! A pink Paris themed room was exactly the color palette I was trying to avoid when we first designed her room 2 years ago.  Pink just seems so expected.  That’s why I originally had picked a Tiffany Box blue color for her walls that I absolutely adored. We agreed, however, that when we moved Sophie was now old enough to pick out her own wall color and to no surprise to any of us she picked pink. Fairy Tale Pink by Valspar to be exact. At least she had the decency to pick a pale pink.

paris themed girl's room

The room isn’t exactly 100% done yet. We still need to replace her light fixture. I’d also like the bed to have presence in the room, so I’d like to finally get around to getting Sophie a box spring and a bed skirt.

french wall shelves

The pallet book shelves are still one of my favorite elements in the room. The space next to the book shelves though is still rather empty, so I’m considering making her a custom cork board like this one from PB teen.

pink and black french room

The dresser needs to be staged a little more but otherwise this area is coming together nicely. And here’s your reminder of where this room started:

Sophie's Room

So much brighter and girlier now!

For more information on the furnishings and decor is this room please see my original post.

Lizzie’s aqua and red owl room

Lizzie’s room is finally done! Well as done as it’s going to get for now. Since her room had been recently decorated (at her birth) and I loved the way it looked at our old house, I decided to pretty much keep it the way it was for now. I have dreams of transitioning it into a shabby chic design when she’s ready for a big girl bed in about a year.

owl decor

The room gets tons of natural sunlight. It’s something that really drew me to this house. As you can see the crib with the handmade crib skirt and my favorite owl wall decal still get center stage.

aqua nursery

We tried the replicate the color from the last house as best we could. I love the light airy feel of it. It’s Olympic Aqua Sparkle. Even the name puts a smile on my face 🙂 We also painted all the trim and windows with Valspar Ultra White.

shabby chic nursery

This wall pretty much got set up exactly how it was at the old house. When something isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

owl nursery

This is the only wall I am having trouble with. It just feels a little empty. I am thinking about getting a small bookshelf to put to the right of the chair to help fill up some space. Any other ideas?

owl shabby chic

And in case you missed it, this is the only new decor in the room since the move. When I saw him on Joss & Main* I just couldn’t resist!

* This is an affiliate link.

In case you forgot what it looked like just a few weeks ago, here’s a reminder……

Lizzie's room before

For more info on my sources for the decor in this room check out my original post on the nursery.