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Photography Workshop Results

I have owned a digital SLR camera for almost 4 years now, and I still don’t really know how to use it. Well, I mean I take all the nice pictures on this blog with it, but I do it all on auto and often the colors don’t come out right or the rooms seem like they have no depth. This weekend I decided to rectify my lack of photography skills by taking the Beginnings Workshop at Warthan Farms Photography. You are probably more familiar with Jennifer Warthan than you think because she is the wonderful photographer who took all the family pictures on my about me page (go check it out if you haven’t).

The class focused on all the fundamentals of how to use your camera as well as how to get the proper exposure. I’m really excited to put all my new skills to use photographing the new house, so be on the look out for better interior shots. Until then, please sit back and enjoy the photos of our wonderful models from the workshop.

Pssst…I’m still not claiming to be a great photographer, and I’m still working on using a manual focus, so go easy on me.

Our first models were these adorable boys and their mom.



Next up, we had a maternity shoot with what has to be the most beautiful pregnant woman ever.


Maybe if I can get my kids to stay still for a second I might be able to use my new found skills to get a great shot of them. Jennifer also offers an Editing Workshop that I’m dying to take since I know absolutely nothing about Photoshop and for those more serious photogs out their Jennifer offers weekend retreats and private mentoring sessions!

DIY Vintage Inspired Cake Smash


Before Lizzie was even born I knew I wanted to do a cake smash for her 1st birthday. Unfortunately, I quit my job when she was 6 months old and Cody decided we couldn’t afford the cost of hiring a professional. I was so bummed at first but then I decided I would simply try it myself. I figured if they didn’t come out good then all I wasted my my time.

Setting this up was pretty easy. Pick the sunniest room in your house and hang a white sheet. You don’t want the sheet wrinkly but you also don’t want it perfectly flat. Try sticking it in the dryer for a few minutes to get the right texture.


The key to making the pictures look as professional as possible is coordinating the details. I wanted the pictures to match the vintage circus theme we were doing for her birthday. Conveniently, red and teal are also the colors of her nursery. The bunting I stole from her nursery decor but I originally bought it from Betty & Barclay on Etsy.

DSC_1027bss Our friend made the cake for us. Obviously a custom cake really makes the scene but they are also pricey. You can get a store bought one and have them trim it out in your colors or try your hand at making on yourself.


As for her adorable outfit, I bought the romper from Chicaboo and the bow from Mudpies and Pigtails both on Etsy. The necklace I already had in my collection. She wore the same outfit for her birthday party so I didn’t really consider it an added expense.



I edited them with PicMonkey (Affiliate)-a free online program. In the end I paid $25 for the cake and that’s about it. I’m thrilled with the way they came out. They’re not professional quality but hey you get what you pay for! Now I just have to figure out which one I’m going to frame for the hallway.

I’ve had some questions about what kind of camera I have. It’s an Olympus E-420 with 14-42mm lens.