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Industrial Chic Bathroom Makeover

I know what you’re going to say….. “where have you been?!?!” Well mostly hibernating.  We actually finished the bathroom up back in November, but I decided to not stress about getting this post up during the holidays and just enjoy some downtime with the family. I know….bad blogger. Well I’m back now with our industrial half bath reveal! This room is now officially my favorite room in the house!

reclaimed wood wall

Since the room was so tiny we decided to go overboard on the finishes.  You may remember our original mood board back here.  We kept with the Industrial Chic theme we started in the foyer makeover.  The wood wall is made of wood we reclaimed from our fence. The mirror was originally wood which I gave an antique gold finish to (see all the details on that here.)

industrial DIY shelves

The hubby built these amazing reclaimed wood shelves out of the old fence boards as well. Originally they were just going to be floating but they were really heavy so we added the cable wire to insure that non of our guests got knocked unconscious while relieving themselves.

wallpaper in bathroom

The ceiling and molding is still by favorite part of the makeover. You can check out how we did them both here.

bathroom moulding

The white penny tile with gray grout came out amazing.  It really makes the bathroom feel fun, which I know is a weird adjective for a bathroom but it’s true.

bathroom art

I found this print on Etsy and I love that it adds just a little hint of color and whimsy to the space.

bathroom art

Our guests love the “have a nice dump” art! I fond the cross stitch pattern on Etsy and  stitched it myself. The frame is from Marshall’s.

half bath makeover

Overall we couldn’t be happier with how all the finishes came together!

reclaimed wood bathroom

And the obligatory before and after pics!

bathroom before and after

industrial shevles



Paint: Glidden Bluegrass White

Baskets: Target Small Milk Crate Wire Basket

Bicycle art: The Meek Boutique 

Mirror: Home Emporium

Cross stitch pattern: 2 Dirty Needles 

Title: Home Depot Metro Penny Tile Matte White

Plant: Ikea Fejka

Wallapaper: Hygge and West Daydream by Julie Rothman  which I found discounted here.


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Not Your Average Nautical Bathroom Reveal

The bathroom is finally done! It feels like we were working on this room for forever…..well because we were. But no more! Here it is. Drum roll please………..


nautical bathroom with green vanity If you remember back when I first shared the plans for this room here we decided to push our color comfort zone with this space and create something completely different than we normally would. We wanted a nautical feel to the room without the typically kitschy design elements. We absolutely love how fun this space turned out!


You may remember that I painted right over the old wallpaper then stenciled the walls in gold.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA gray bathroom tile We titled the floors in the same over-sized tile we used for the screened in porch. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You can read all about how we painted the original vanity here.

whale art for bathroom nautical bathroom in green and gold

And one last before and after:

bathroom makeover Sources:

Tile: Home Emporium (same we used on the porch)

Walls: Valspar Vermont Cream and Ralph Lauren Cloth of Gold

Wall Stencil: Perfect Catch from Cutting Edge Designs

Vanity: Miss Mustard Seed’s Boxwood with antique glaze

Toilet, faucet, pot, and vanity top: Home Depot

Light fixture: Industrial Cage 3 light from Shades of Light

Art: Blue Whales flying Kites by Danielle V. Green Illustrations

Rope hook: West Elm




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Industrial Chic Half Bath- The Design

Last week, I shared how we installed wallpaper on the ceiling of our half-bath and as promised here is the design plan for the space.

Industrial Chic Half Bath


It’s very similar to the design for our foyer in which we mix rustic woods, industrial metals, and gilded gold frames to create an upscale and yet down to earth feel.
The walls will get a reclaimed wood paneling from our old fence will the walls will go either a pale gray or blue.
Stay tuned for more projects from this space!
P.S. the bathroom makeover is complete. Check it out here!

Wallpapering the ceiling and crown molding galore

Sticking with our plan of not sticking to anything I decided to start tackling our other half bath. I mean our foyer half bath that I mentioned in our 2015 plans that I didn’t even have any pictures of. Well here are the before shots.

half bath before half bath before It’s a tiny little room with good bones.  I’ll share the full design soon, but the plan is to continue the industrial chic feel we started in the foyer. Strangely enough I decided to start with the ceiling.

I fell in love with Hygge and West’s Daydream wallpaper by Julie Rothman over a year ago; and I knew it’s large scale would look whimsical in our tiny bathroom.  The problem was the $125 a roll price tag! It was going to be over $500 to wallpaper all 4 walls. The hubby said no. So, I changed tactics and decided to just wallpaper the ceiling. I got lucky one day and found an “open roll” on Design Public for only $75! Still not the cheapest ceiling treatment, but I did save $50, so I was feeling pretty good.

hygge and west daydream

I thought I’d knock out this project pretty quick and all by myself. Boy was I wrong. I think I actually started crying at one point. It winds up installing wallpaper against gravity is not easy. It was definitely a two person job and we actually took the paper down twice and re-installed it. What worked best for us was putting a ton of paste on the back and getting it to adhere to the ceiling as quick as possible. After it was all up we went back and squeezed out bubbles.

hygge and west daydream I originally decided to run one main panel down the middle so that the pattern would be centered with 2 small 5 in strips running down the sides. After we got the main panel up; however, the hubby refused to even try the small strips. The solution he decided was molding!

how to hang wallpaper on the ceiling We had already planned on hanging a 2 piece crown in the bathroom, but the hubby decided to also frame in the wallpaper by installing a 4 1/2 in base to the ceiling as well. This filled in the wallpaperless gap as well as finished off the edges.

3 piece crown molding After also installing the same base to the walls he filled in the gap with 2 1/2 in crown molding.

how to install elaborate crown molding And voila! It looks amazing. I was totally freaking out for a while that I had wasted $75 and an entire afternoon on a project that was going to look terrible.

crown molding in bathroom I apologize for the terrible pictures, but this room is all but impossible to photograph.  The ceiling vent got a new bright white paint job as well.

datdream wallpaper on ceiling I think my wallpapering ceiling days are behind me, but for now I’m enjoying the whimsical little birds in this tiny little room. Next up will be painting the walls.

hygge and west on ceiling And why we were at hanging crown molding, the nautical half bath also got a little glam.

2 piece crown molding We went with just the standard 2 piece crown in here. It makes the room feel more sophisticated and helps hide the edges of the stencil.

crown molding in half bath

I’ll try to get a mood board together for the foyer half bath, so you can get a better feel for the look we’re going for soon!


P.S. Check out the whole nautical bath makeover here and the finished industrial bath makeover here!

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Green Bathroom Vanity Makeover

One of the things that I was most excited about when we bought our forever home was not having to “play it safe” anymore with design decisions.  And yet here we are a year into our remodel and our house is pretty grey and white. Don’t get me wrong; I love the rooms we’ve already designed, but I was ready to push ourselves out of our color comfort zone a little. Our half bath makeover is a huge departure from our typical design palette, and we’ve had a lot of fun already with the project. Over the last month I shared with you how we painted over the 1980’s era wallpaper on the walls and how we used milk paint to transform our builder’s grade laminate vanity, well now the vanity area and focal point of the bathroom is complete!

Here’s a reminder of the before:

paint over wallpaper And here it is now:

boxwood green vanity

nautical bathroom makeover

nautical bathroom lighting

boxwood green cabinet

We still have to tile the floor, install the new toilet, and decorate the rest of the room. I know a green vanity isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love having a fun space that will definitely surprise guests. And what better room than a half bath to have some fun with color?


Paint: Boxwood by Miss Mustard Seed

Wall stencil: Perfect Catch by Cutting Edge Stencils

Faucet, knobs, and counter top: Home Depot

Light: Industrial Cage from Shades of Light

Mirror frame: DIY from reclaimed wood

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Save time and paint over wallpaper

It’s been two weeks since my last post on our porch makeover. Would you believe me if I said my silence is because I’ve been extremely busy with house projects? Well it’s true! In the last two weeks we’ve been working on projects in the backyard, laundry room, and nautical half bath. Everything is looking amazing but because we’ve been splitting out time on multiple projects, nothing is quite done enough to show off to you yet. Bummer….

So, I decided that instead of maintaining radio silence, I’d give you a quick update on one of the projects: the half bath makeover! Here’s what we started with:

paint over wallpaper The wonderful 80’s wallpaper was one of the selling features of this house…..said no one ever! About a month ago, I decided to start ripping the wallpaper down. About 30 mins into it I had about 1 sq inch cleared. That’s when I decided that the wallpaper would stay up, and I would paint over it. You may remember that when were adding the wainscoting to our foyer we found put that the previous owners had actually just painted over the existing wallpaper. We were shocked because we had no idea the foyer had ever even been wallpapered, but it look great and was holding up well.

So, if you have a full room of wallpaper and you don’t feel like scraping it off then here are some tips for painting over the wallpaper.

Tip 1: Make sure your wallpaper is a contender

Before you start slopping paint all over the walls check to make sure the wallpaper you have is a good candidate for painting.  Peeling paper and noticeable seams are immediate red flags.  Find an edge of the paper and try pulling it off the wall. If you get a small rip you are in good shape. If you can easily pull off large sheets then your going to need to strip off all the wallpaper. Painting over wallpaper that will easily come off the walls may lead to the wallpaper bubbling or peeling after the paint dries.

Tip 2: Patch up holes and seams.

Using joint compound or spackle, fill in any holes or noticeable rips or seams in the paper just like would would do on dry wall.  If you tried to rip some paper off make sure to use joint compound to smooth out the spot.

Tip 3: Prime

Priming the wallpaper is going to do two things for you: hide the pattern and create a grippable surface for the paint to adhere to.  Because wallpaper is so smooth painting on it without priming first may cause the paint to run or peel.

how to paint over wallpaper Even with a dark color and pattern, I only needed one coat of primer before I started painting the wallpaper.

Tip 4: Paint that wallpaper

Once your primer is dry you can start painting over your wallpaper. I applied two coats of Behr Vermont Cream in semi gloss using a foam roller.

can you paint over wallpaper The difference is pretty amazing isn’t it? And no wallpaper stripping involved. As you can see the bathroom is still completely torn apart. I am currently stenciling the walls with Cutting Edge’s Perfect Catch (one of my affiliates) in metallic gold. In the bottom right of the picture you can also see a sneak peak of the bathroom vanity getting a green paint job.

Hopefully, I’ll be back soon with some more pictures of the bathroom. It’s coming together so well that I am giddy to show you!

Not your average nautical Inspired bathroom

As we finish up tiling the screened in porch this weekend that makeover will finally be complete. I hope to have pictures for you next week! But now that the porch project is wrapping up and fall is in there air (except for here in Virginia where we had record temperatures on the first day of school!) I am starting to plan my next project which will be the half bath and laundry room.

half bath before Here is what I am starting with. This is probably the only room in the house that hasn’t been touched since it was built in 1985.

Laundry room before Here is the laundry room before. The door to the bathroom is to the right of this picture. This room acts as a pass through from the garage, bathroom, backyard, and kitchen. More to come on the design for the laundry is a couple of weeks.

I want to create a bathroom that is inspired by old ships but that isn’t expected or cheesy. I plan to use wood and brass elements mixed with a grassy green and metallic gold to keep the room feeling authentic yet modern. Here is the plan:

  1. The walls will be painted off white with a large net stencil in metallic gold (Fresh Catch by Cutting Edge Stencils). The metallic gold will be more subtle than the goldenrod pictured above.
  2. The original vanity will stay but will be painted in Miss Mustard Seed’s Boxwood Green and aged with a dark wax.  The vanity will get a new white cultured marble top and a brass faucet and knobs.
  3. The floor will be the same gray washed wood tile that is going into the screened in porch
  4. The current mirror will be framed out in reclaimed wood.
  5. For lighting I am moving two existing copper exterior lights from the backyard in.
  6. I am really obsessed with finding a Moby Dick piece of art for the room. And who could resist the Poop Deck reference?

This room was actually pretty easy for me to plan out. I wanted a different color scheme from the rest of the house and once I fell in love with the idea of a green vanity the other plans pretty much fell into place. I’m sharing this plan now in part because the laundry room is giving me a major headache and I want to bounce some ideas off of all of you. Look for those plans in the next couple of weeks.

You can see all of my inspiration for this room here:


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Free Master Bathroom Updates

I’m back this week with another Master Bathroom Update! I know we’ve been all over the house lately with projects (like the stove update from last week) and I promise we’re still working on the screened in porch makeover.  If you remember way back when, I shared our grand plans for the master bath. Phase 1 of this project is purely a cosmetic upgrade focusing on spending the least amount of money as possible.  To date I’ve spent exactly $0! Pretty amazing when you see how far it’s come in a second. Last you saw the bathroom it looked like this:

bathroom vanity plans

I had already painted the walls and the vanity, so next up was figuring out how to hide the storage tower and trash can in the weird vanity area. I searched around the house trying to come up with a plan for a vanity curtain and finally spotted this old pillow case that we were no longer using. Point 1 for upcycling!

old pillowcase

I also found some left over ribbon and stitch witchery from the family room curtain project that used to hem and embellish the pillow case.

pillow case curtain

You can get more details on adding ribbon to curtains with stitch witchery here. Next , using an old tension rod from Sophie’s closet I hung the curtains using some rod rings from Ikea. And that’s when I ran into my first problem.

master bathroom curtain

Because of the drawer I couldn’t get the rod high enough to keep the clips from showing. So, instead I had to go with a rod pocket design, but luckily I was able to reuse the curtain clips on the closet curtain. Point 2 for reusing! And look how much better the vanity looks now!

bathroom vanity curtain

This was such a strange little empty spot in the bathroom. I assume it was meant as a makeup counter where you could sit down, but I would never use it for that. Does anybody? It seemed like such a waste of space, but now it’s functional and the trashcan and storage unit are  successfully hidden!

bathroom vanity curtain

You may notice a couple of extra updates as well. The mirror is now framed in left over door trim from the foyer remodel (that would be Point 3 for upcycling!). The wall to the left also got some wide horizontal stripes thanks to some left over trim paint.

bathroom vanity makeover

This space is feeling so much more refreshed already!

budget bathroom makeover

And of course no makeover story would be complete without the before shot:

Master Bath before

It’s pretty amazing what you can do with no money just by shopping your house! Next up is concreting the countertops and some new art, which will require a little money. But for now I’m just going to sit back and enjoy not spending any money.

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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Painting Cabinets

Guide to painting cabinets

Last week I shared with you our plans for our Master Bathroom renovation and if you remember, I mentioned that phase 1 of the plan (code name: Make it look nice with no money) was already in action. I had already painted the walls and trim in our vanity area, so the next logical step was to get rid of the 1980’s era brown cabinets.

bathroom before and after Since the goal was to not spend any money, I decided to use the leftover paint from the foyer and french door (Glidden Seal) to paint the vanities. Not only was I feeling cheap this week, but I was also feeling lazy and really wanted to knock out this project in an hour or so.  So here’s my guide on how to be lazy and still get a great paint job!

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Painting Cabinets

Total working time on this project was 1 hour, although I did it over 3 days to let the paint adequately dry before handling.

First up, remove all the doors and hardware from the cabinets.

easy way to paint a vanity Next, give the doors and cabinet a quick one over with a sanding block. I mean literally just graze all of the surfaces with it. This should only take a minute. Seriously, don’t obsess over this.  Then get ready for my secret weapon for being super lazy when painting cabinets: All surface Prep (also known as TSP substitute). Spray this product on all of your surfaces, wait a minute, then wipe off. Not only will this clean your surfaces, but it will also help de-glaze them thereby helping the paint stick (and voila you get to skip priming).

tsp By now you should have spent about 5 minutes prepping your surfaces and it’s finally time to paint. In order to fully maximize on being lazy I recommend you use the best paint possible (for instance paint and primer in one). I used a combination of a foam roller and high quality paint brush to get this finish.

quick painting cabinets Total it took two coats with about an hour dry time in between to get these cabinets looking perfect. For the doors I always paint the backs first let them dry for a day then flip them and paint the fronts. I gave the fronts a full day to dry before re-hanging them.

dark gray vanity And with just an hour of work time and no money spent, my bathroom vanity looks a million times better.

cabinet makeover

And here’s looking into the actual bathroom where the other vanity also got a paint job:

bathroom cabinet makeover

Key Points:

  • Prep surface with a quick sanding and TSP substitute
  • Use a high quality paint
  • Foam rollers and high quality brushes will give you the best finish. I recommend this brush.
  • Don’t rush the drying process.

What’s next?

bathroomvanity plans This makeover is just getting started, so there is still plenty to do. We plan on framing out the mirror with some old door moldings, refinishing the counter top with a concrete product, and making a small curtain to block the view of the trashcan.  Stay tuned for those updates and more…….

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Glitter, Glue & Paint

Master Bathroom Plans

The master bathroom is a huge selling feature in a house, so you may be wondering why we’ve never shown you ours. Mainly that is because we don’t even use it. I know, we’ve been in this house for 6 months and we’re still sharing a shower with the kids. The major problem with our bathroom is the awkward layout.

master bathroom layout before The bathroom is divided into two rooms with one larger vanity open to the bedroom and another vanity tucked into its own small room with the shower and toilet. A linen closet sucks up space in the middle.  We have plans to majorly renovate this space into something more like this:

master bathroom layout plan It doesn’t seem drastic but in fact the entire wall and two doorways in the middle are now gone. The back wall will have 2 separate vanities connected by a drawer unit and a new linen cabinet. The shower will be enlarged and be surrounded on two sides by glass.

master bathroom plans Luckily this isn’t our first major bathroom reno (remember the vintage master in our first house and the cottagy hall bathroom?),  but this renovation is going to be labor intensive and expensive, so it’s in the 2-3 years plans. In the meantime we’re going to take on a phase 1 makeover in order to make the room actually usable as well as visually appealing. You may remember that a couple months ago we started the makeover by painting the area that is open to the bedroom. The walls are Gray Ghost (the same as the bedroom) and the trim went bright white.

bathroom before and after Phase 1 plans for this area are all cosmetic and include:

  • Paint the vanity dark gray (same color as the foyer)
  • Concrete the counter top
  • frame in the mirror
  • make a curtain to hide the trashcan
  • new faucet

It’s the actual bath “room” part that is problematic. This is by far and away the worst room in the house. The ceiling is actually covered in mold and the vent in the room is rusted. Moisture is obviously a problem in the room. We’ve even theorized that the missing bathroom door may have been the previous owners attempt to “fix” the humidity issue.

master bathroom before Phase 1 for this room include:

  • Patching up the large whole in the wall
  • Removing all the mold on the ceiling (not pictured) and installing a vent to prevent future moisture problems
  • Painting the walls, ceiling, and vanity
  • Making a concrete counter top
  • Removing the outdated and poor working shower doors and replacing them with a curtain
  • Framing the mirror
  • New faucet

Did I mention I plan on doing all of this with almost no money? Since anything we do now will eventually be ripped out in the reno we want to spend the least amount of money as possible. These projects will most likely get weaved in among other more “desirable” projects and won’t get all done at once.

Anyone else planning a bathroom makeover on a dime? I’d love to see more ideas!