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Pottery Barn Knock-off wall organization system

Pottery barn knock off memo board

After the stair makeover we decided to take a little break from the large projects and focus on some smaller projects we’ve been meaning to do.  About a year ago I decided that Sophie needed one of the Pottery Barn Teen wall organization systems for her room.

img52c Cute right? The $267 price tag; however,  is not so cute. I decided I would simply make her one myself. I bought the fabric and then we decided to sell our house and buy a new one, so the project was sidelined. It wasn’t until a co-worker of mine decided to make one for her daughter that the project was put back on the agenda.

Warning: I seem to have misplaced the progress pictures so all I have are the final product. Also, we made 3 boards in total which actually made the price a little more reasonable since we could share materials. And finally, the project was more labor intensive than I would have imagined since each square is basically a small project unto itself.

message center The total cost of each board came out to $40! That’s a $227 savings per board! I also love that I was able to fully customize the fabric to match Sophie’s room. I choose a larger molding for the frame as well to give the board more heft.

DIY message center from pottery barn After studying the Pottery Barn wall organization system I decided to incorporate a magnetic board, a cork board, a shelf, and a wire clothes pin line. The little shelf I picked up at A.C. Moore for $1 and painted black. The fabric behind it is adhered straight to the plywood backing using spray adhesive.

pottery barn wall organization DIY The magnetic board is a sheet of galvanized steel sheet metal that conveniently is sold at Home Depot in 12 x 12 pieces.  For the cork board I bought a pack of 4 12 x12 cork tiles ( I was able to use the other 3 tiles for my co-worker’s boards) then using spray adhesive and hot glue adhered this awesome black and white chevron fabric that I picked up at Hancock Fabrics.

clothes pin wire hanger For the wire clothes pin line Code made me a wood frame that we then ran steel wire across. The miniature clothes pins are from Wal-mart.

message center

I love that Sophie now has a way to really express herself in her room without literally taping things to the walls!

11 Burlap projects for your home with Tutorials

burlap projects with tutorials Have you noticed all the burlap projects and decor showing up on Pinterest lately? Burlap has become popular for a variety of reasons. It’s rustic which is very chic right now. It also adds a lot of texture to any room room or table scape. Oh, and best of all it’s cheap! It’s starts at just 99 cents a yard on Amazon*. Burlap also comes in a variety of colors and textures. I like my burlap a little rugged so I usually buy it natural and undyed.  You can also buy burlap bags* or burlap ribbon* depending on the type of project you are working on.  Below are 3 burlap projects I’ve completed recently for my home well as links to some of my favorite burlap projects from other amazing blogs. Click on the pictures to get to the tutorials. Enjoy!

*These are affiliate links. Any purchase you make helps support Simply Swider. Thank you.

How I used burlap in our house!

I covered an old picture mat with burlap and nailed it to a frame made out of reclaimed pallet wood with decorative nails.

DIY pallet and burlap frame tutorial

I made two of these ruffled lampshades out of ivory burlap for the lamps that sit on the credenza in our living room.

burlap projects ruffled burlap lampshade

I made 3 of these stenciled burlap pictures which hang above the credenza in our living room. Each one depicts an important date for our family along with a a picture that symbolized why that date is important to us.

burlap projects stenciled date burlap art

This frame hangs in our hall bathroom and was made out of pallets and burlap.

Here are some of my favorite burlap projects from Pinterest!

I just adore this Spring Burlap Wreath which incorporates the house numbers and flowers.

This adorable Framed burlap earring holder incorporates two of my other favorite things: teal and monograms.

These quick and easy burlap curtains will add texture to any room.

These burlap bunny ear napkin rings will add whimsy to any Easter table.

Burlap roses can be added to almost any home decor to instantly add rustic charm.

This burlap tote just screams Spring especially paired with blue chevron.

Ruffles and Burlap on a table runner. Oh la la!

And if a tablecloth is more your style here is a ruffled burlap floor length tablecloth.

I hope you’ve been inspired to start your own burlap projects. What projects have you already completed using burlap? Do you have any already pinned that you’re hoping to start soon?

Jewelry Box Makeover

Jewelry box makeover with spray paint

I’ve had this jewelry box forever. I think Cody bought it for me for our first Christmas together way back in high school. It does the trick, but it’s not really my style so I thought I’d give it a quick makeover with some spray paint.

Jelwery box makeover Before

The first step is to prep the wood for paint with a degreaser. I used Mostenboker’s Lift Off All Surface Paint Prep. You can buy this at any home improvement store. Just spray it on, wait a few minutes, then wipe it off. It’s that easy.

All surface paint prep

Next, remove any glass and hardware you wish not to be painted and cover any surfaces that you don’t want painted. I stuffed newspaper in the door area to keep paint out.

Jewelry box makeover paint prep

The paint color is Valspar Exotic Sea in gloss.

Valspar exotic Sea

When spray painting, less paint is always better than too much. Spray light sweeping coats. Here’s how it looked after 1 coat. jewelry box makeover teal

And here it is after 2 coats of paint and with the glass and drawers replaced. I’m pretty happy with the upgrade. At least is doesn’t look like my grandma’s jewelry box anymore. Oh, and I already had the spray paint on hand, so it cost me nada!

Jewelry Box Makeover- Spray painted teal

Dressing up candles with ribbon: 5 minute makeover

Tutorial: dressing up a plain candle with ribbon

I’ve had these candle wall sconces literally since high school, and they found there way into Sophie’s room (with the help of some black spray paint) mostly because we needed something for either side of her windows. After we put them up I went in search of some white candles for them and boy was I surprised at the price of candle these days! Pillar candles even at Target were going for $5-$10 and I needed four of them.  Needless to say I was not committed to spending even $20 on candles for a little girl’s room. Eventually I found these plain white ones at the Dollar Store for, well you guessed it $1 a piece.

White candles in a black wall sconce

The candles got the job done but they are rather plain. I decided to use some ribbon I had left over from the bow holder project to fancy them up a bit. All I did was cut the ribbon to wrap around the candle and attach the ribbon in the back with hot glue. I only ran a small line of glue down the back because I didn’t want it to leak through the ribbon.

Add ribbon to a plain white candle

A voila! That’s it. Wasn’t that easy? I love how it adds a little more personality to the walls.

Black and white striped ribbon candle

New purfume and jewlery tray for the bedroom

On one end of my dresser I have a small lamp and all of my perfumes lined up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pull the whole dresser off the wall to reach bottle that have fallen off the top. Most of my jewelry winds up thrown on top on the dresser for a couple of days as well before I get around to putting it back in the jewelry box. Here’s what it usually looks like…..


Well today I scored a teal plastic tray at Target for $4.88 (30% off) and immediately knew it would work great for the bedroom. Here it is…..

After: Teal tray contains perfumes on jewelry on the dresser
After: Teal tray contains perfumes and jewelry on the dresser

I love how much the tray brightens up this corner of the bedroom. I hadn’t even realized how dark it was. Hopefully my days of pulling out the dresser and searching for lost bottles and jewelry are behind me. Now I feel like I need to do something with the lamp. It’s just not working for me.