Built-ins in the Master Bedroom with an Ikea hack

We have done pretty much nothing to our master bedroom. The last time you even saw it was when we painted it about 2 years ago.

Grey and teal masterbedroom

It’s big and square and from the moment we first saw the room we knew we wanted to make it something special. We just had no idea how to do that. So we did nothing for 2 years while I thought about and pinned 1000’s of pins, then finally a picture of what I we could do formed in my head. We wanted something dramatic and moody, so we obviously started at Ikea. I know that doesn’t make any sense. You’re thinking “Ikea is light and airy”, but stay with me. We bought 2 Ikea Tarva dressers that we actually got at the Ikea family price of $65!

TARVA 3-drawer chest IKEA Made of solid wood, which is a durable and warm natural material.

We decided that these would make the perfect base for built-ins around our bed. We assembled them minus the legs which would have made them too high for a bedside table.

ikea tarva hack

We set the dressers onto a small 2×4 base then built book shelves to sit on top of them.

Ikea tarva hack

We built the book cases out of  primed pine 1x12s. The shelves are faced with primed pine 1 x2s.  Of course both electrical outlets on the wall were right behind the new dressers, so we installed new outlets at alarm clock height.

book cases in master  bedroom

The book shelves created 3 alcoves on the wall that we filled with a square wainscoting made out of primed pine 1×4’s. I love how much the molding sticks off the wall. It’s a very different look that the wainscoting we did in the foyer.

master bedroom wainscotting

The whole wall got new base boards including the dressers.

tarva bookcase

The final touch was crown molding and a whole lot of caulking. And that brings us to where we are today!

DIY wainscoting

If you’re wondering where the moodiness is it’s in the paint. The color is already going up on the wall and it’s absolutely phenomenal. I can’t wait to share it with you!

And here’s a reminder of what the room looked like when we bought the house.

Master bedroom

2 thoughts on “Built-ins in the Master Bedroom with an Ikea hack”

  1. Hi, I really enjoyed viewing your bedroom project and am thinking about one of my own. I was wondering what , if anything, you used on the wall itself ? In other words what did you attach the 1X4’s to the wall itself or did you cover the wall with some type of plywood or paneling ? Thank you for sharing your project and good luck with your other plans for your bedroom.

    1. Hi Don! We actually didn’t put anything on the wall before attaching the wainscoting. Our walls are textured but the difference really didn’t both us so we took the easy route. When we did the wainscoting in our foyer though we were dealing with two different textures on the wall, so we cover the walls in sheets of 1/4 in cabinet grade plywood first. You can see how we did the foyer here: http://wp.me/p3Ajcw-vl Good luck with your project!

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