Blocking out the light with Bamboo shades

One of the many “benefits” of buying a foreclosed house is that it has absolutely no blinds. Granted, if we had bought a house with shades I probably would have changed them anyways, but I wouldn’t have been in such a rush to buy new ones if we had old ones. It winds up I very much dislike actually waking up with the sun, especially on weekends.  For a while our solution was to simply nail our old curtains up over the windows. It wasn’t very pretty, nor as you can see below was it very effective.


The family room also received a lot of afternoon light. And there was a desperate need for privacy at night. As a ranch liver my whole life it had never occurred to me before that living in a neighborhood of two stories meant that my neighbors could look right into my windows from their own homes despite the privacy fence.

family room

Even though we were up to our ears in other projects, we figured after 2 weeks of living like this that it was time for some actual shades. We decided on designview’s Maple Providence Bamboo Roman Shades from Home Depot for both the Master Bedroom and the Family Room.  I like the texture of bamboo and at $30-$40 they were totally in our price range. I decided to tackle hanging these myself on my day off and to take some pressure off Cody’s ever expanding to-do list. Luckily they were pretty easy to install. All you have to do is screw the bracket into the wood frame then the screw hanging down slides into the top of the shade and is secured with a twisty thing (technical word). I didn’t even have to bust out a tape measure and other than sore arms from holding up a power drill for 20 minutes, no harm was done to me either.

installing bamboo roman shades

I even managed to put up the curtain rod by myself, although it certainly would have been easier with two people. As you can see from the picture below I had to extend the rod with a conduit pipe to make it fit.  One of these days I’ll take it down and spray it all the same color.

conduit curtain rod

The curtains are Vivan from Ikea. They are only 9.99 a pair and are 98″ long! I couldn’t run the curtains all the way to the ceiling as I usually do because of the wooden beam, so I did have to hem the curtains with some stitch witchery. Down the road I have plans to jazz up the curtains with some ribbon like this.

Vivan ikea curtains with bamboo shades

Besides the functional aspect of the shades and curtains the room just looks so much more finished with them up. You can also see that I finally got around to hanging some new artwork to the right of the windows. For the master bedroom I outsourced the job to Cody (he managed to get it done in half the time it took me downstairs).

hanging curtains

Ahhh…so much better. While I love all the natural light in this house, I love not waking up at the crack of dawn even more. The curtains came from our bedroom at our first house.

master bedroom curtains

And while we haven’t really done anything in the Master bedroom (like paint and hang pictures) look how much better it looks already!

master before

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One thought on “Blocking out the light with Bamboo shades”

  1. The bamboo lightning idea looks so divine & nice! It is a must do!!! The before & after transformation is totally phenomenonal. Great job done. The light coming through it lookis like the light emerging from heavens 😉
    Jessica x

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