Backyard Makeover 1 year later

It’s officially been 1 year since we started planning our massive backyard makeover and guess what???? It’s still not done.  Sigh….. However, the big stuff is finally done so I thought I’d finally share some pictures with you guys.

Here’s a reminder of what we started with:

Back yard

And here’s where we are today:

backyard pool


You can see all the construction pictures here!


outdoor kitchen

backyard pool deck

Pool house

wood pool deck

pool waterfall

backyard makeover with pool


Check out more fence and gate pictures here!

fence with arbor


Beaubo Approves


Here’s what we still have to finish:

  1. Cable railings
  2. Finishing touches around steps
  3. Build bridge between deck and boardwalk
  4. Stain all the decking gray
  5. New furniture and lots of potted plants

Most of this will be done by the fall; and I’ll finally be able to share true “after” pictures with you. We’re just excited that for now the whole space is functional; and we’ve been taking advantage of it with plenty of pool parties.

backyard makeover

I party with Remodelaholic

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  1. I think you’ve done wonderfully in 12 months. Sometimes you have to live in a space for a bit before deciding what you want. The pup likes it and that’s what counts!!!

    • Hey Maria. The waterfalls are 24 in sheer descents. We actually got ours through the pool contractor, but you should be able to purchase them through any pool distributor.

    • Thanks Kevin! My husband actually designed and built the shed from scratch. We had a very specific amount of room to work with between the pool and fences, so a kit shed wouldn’t work. Luckily for me he’s pretty awesome at building things!

  2. Is the pool custom or is it through a particular manufacturer? Looking to add something like this to our yard in the future. It’s a perfect size!

    • You can make vinyl liner pools in pretty much every shape and size. We had a very specific size we wanted which is why we went with vinyl. If you go with fiberglass you’re stuck with whatever size and shape the manufacturer produces. Vinyl gives you pretty much unlimited options as each liner is custom made to fit the pool.

      • Do you have any plans with dimensions? This is pretty much exactly what we are looking for. I hate to steal your project but it’s amazing!

        • I don’t really have any plans. The contractor pretty much drew the whole thing up with our input. The pool is 24 x 12 feet. The steps are stadium steps with a tanning ledge built in. Because its only 24 ft long the depth is only 5 1/2 feet. If we had gone deeper the whole pool would have been pretty much one giant slope. The fountains are 24 in sheer descents. The concrete is stamped cobblestones with a cantilevered edge. I love the cantilevered edges! On pinterest I have an entire board of pools similar but much more amazing than ours that I used for my inspiration that you can check out. Like I said previously, all vinyl liner pools are basically custom so you can pretty much do whatever you want. I hope that was helpful.