Adding architectural interest with a painted door

dark gray french doors Our french doors in the family room were very tired looking. They were a dingy white and the argon in many of the panes it starting to fog. Ideally we would replace it, but it’s not really at the top of our priority list right now. Then, one day I was sorting through e-mails when I saw one from Chris loves Julia and their newly paint onyx door, and I was instantly excited.  I couldn’t believe how much architectural interest the door brought to the room when it was painted a dark color, and conveniently for me I had a whole gallon of Martha Stewart’s Seal sitting in my garage from when we painted the foyer.

painting french doors The french doors are actually a focal point from the front door, but you can see that they weren’t particularly welcoming before. In fact you hardly noticed them at all.

Painting french doors In total it took me 2.5 coats of paint over about an hour to get the door looking perfect. This is how it looked after the first coat:

dark gray door The second coat covered well, and I just had to go back and touch up around the frames with a last coat. Once it was all dry I used a razor blade to clean off the glass.

The paint I used was Glidden Duo which is available at Home Depot. This was my first time using this paint and as promised when I revealed the foyer wainscoting here is my review of it:

Glidden Duo Review


  1. It covers well, but is thinner than most paint and primers in one meaning is also covers more sq footage.
  2. It’s easy to scrape of windows.
  3. The color was true to the paint chip.
  4. At $24 a gallon it’s cheaper than  Behr or Valspar.
  5. Almost no smell.


  1. It’s runny. I had difficulty cutting in around molding because it dripped and ran so much. In fact I was almost in tears as I watched it run onto the new bright white wainscoting.
  2. Although it covered well with a roller, because of how thin the paint is it didn’t cover as well with a brush.
  3. The semi-gloss is shinier than other semi-glosses on the market.
  4. It comes in limited colors.

I’m going to be using it on our bathroom vanities as well, so I’ll let you know how it hold ups there.

Update: Finished the bathroom vanities and they look awesome! See them here!

dark gray interior doors The doors look so much cleaner now and give the room so much more depth. I especially love how they look from the front door.

dark grey doors I feel like the doors now draw visitors into the house. The consistent color on the foyer walls and doors also help tie the two spaces together.

Have any of you painted a door something other than white?


Pssst….. the family room is finally done! Family Room Reveal


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4 thoughts on “Adding architectural interest with a painted door”

  1. They look fabulous! We have french doors leading from our kitchen to the back yard and not only are they a boring white, but the paint seems to be peeling. I would LOVE to paint them a deep color, but I am worried about paint truly sticking.

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