Dressing up candles with ribbon: 5 minute makeover

Tutorial: dressing up a plain candle with ribbon

I’ve had these candle wall sconces literally since high school, and they found there way into Sophie’s room (with the help of some black spray paint) mostly because we needed something for either side of her windows. After we put them up I went in search of some white candles for them and boy was I surprised at the price of candle these days! Pillar candles even at Target were going for $5-$10 and I needed four of them.  Needless to say I was not committed to spending even $20 on candles for a little girl’s room. Eventually I found these plain white ones at the Dollar Store for, well you guessed it $1 a piece.

White candles in a black wall sconce

The candles got the job done but they are rather plain. I decided to use some ribbon I had left over from the bow holder project to fancy them up a bit. All I did was cut the ribbon to wrap around the candle and attach the ribbon in the back with hot glue. I only ran a small line of glue down the back because I didn’t want it to leak through the ribbon.

Add ribbon to a plain white candle

A voila! That’s it. Wasn’t that easy? I love how it adds a little more personality to the walls.

Black and white striped ribbon candle

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