Chalkboard labels on baskets: 5 minute Makeover

How to add chalkboard lables to baskets

Have you  noticed that chalkboards are everywhere these days? They’re on kitchen walls, in dining rooms, and most defiantly on baskets. Chalkboards are great because they allow to not only label things (something I’m a little obsessed with) but also they add a rugged chicness to accessories and rooms. We love this basket in out living room that helps coral all the kid’s toys,

toy basket with chalkboardWe had already place 3 similar baskets under Sophie’s bed to hold excess toys, but I wanted to dress them up a little with labels, so I came up with the idea to add mini chalkboards to them. The chalkboards were actually more difficult to find than I would have thought (although I did find these on Amazon), so I eventually went with slate coasters that I found at Michaels  for $2.99 for 4!

Baskets under bed to hold toys

These came together in a snap. All I did was hot glue the coasters onto the baskets. Leave the baskets laying down until the glue dries so that the chalkboards don’t slide. Once the glue was dry I labeled them. You could obviously just write on them with chalk, but a) the kids would have wiped the chalk off in two minutes flat and b) I knew the contents of the baskets wouldn’t be changing for a while, so I used a white paint pen to simulate the chalk look but make it kid proof. If you ever want to change the label just wipe the board clean with acetone or paint thinner. Glue chalkboards to baskets to lable toys

Didn’t they come out cute? And even better…Sophie immediately told us what each one said!

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