16 Gorgeous Console Table Ideas

When Hometalk contacted me and asked if I would curate a collection of console table projects I jumped at the chance. If you are not familiar with Hometalk you are really missing out. It’s sort of like Pinterest except only for home and garden ideas. What I really love about it is that bloggers can post their own projects and it allows you to directly communicate back with them. So, now instead of just admiring their pictures from afar you can tell them directly how much you like their work or you can also ask them questions and get responses back. I also really like that Hometalk allows you to post multiple pictures in one post, so you can see the same room from different angles or show off a whole project from start to finish. If you haven’t checked it out yet head over there now and don’t forget to follow me while you are there.

Now back to the fun stuff: console tables! As, you know I recently completed my own TV console project where I dressed up a thrift store find with Greek Key trim. I swear as soon as I get it into the new house I’ll get a much better picture for you.

white greek key dresser

The offer from Hometalk was  really timely as the hubby and I were just discussing building some type of bench or console for our new foyer. After curating this board I have so many ideas for the new console table that my head is actually starting to hurt. Stay tuned to see which style we choose, but meanwhile click the picture below to see all the amazing inspiration I’ve put together for you.


console table ideas

 I hope that inspired you as much as it did me, and I hope to see you around Hometalk!

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